About Tara


tarr I’m in media profession and I’m  trying hard to be another  faceless voiceless Indian subservient woman but unable to as…my heart speaks , my mind and my mind speaks my soul…I want others to pen about me or i want to pen about others , juxtaposed by questions and some space like gas molecules trapped in jar!*! But as my pen moves i want to unfold the stories of heart, mind, soul …


Conserving earth indigenously

The conservation of earth is in hands of dwellers .Now the question comes who are dwellers, just by inhabiting we don’t become actual dwellers as we are just utilizing the resources but not giving back anything in return to our mother earth! The real dwellers are those who share emotional and psychological bonding with natural(…)

self pollution

it’s better not to expect, wastage of emotions is pollution we are doing to our selves

men women complications

Men women falls in love, they marry but marriage is responsibility nt merely loving each other, men women wants to marry they act they are in love, love can’t be planned , men women want to try each other they live in but live in is not trying, men women purely want to get physical(…)

easy life

Life is very easy in just one blink it goes to another world without warning …

Loving routine

The time when life is on the rocks when it has gone out of tracks its only when and infact only then u start loving routine